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He makes sparkling even the tragedy…

[...] Claude Troxler is one of those creators who often leaves me flabbergasted and admiring. Such was my case, about twenty years ago, when I saw the work of this beginner [...].

It is misleading, Troxler's nature : you deal with a pleasant man, sympathetic and smiling whose glance sparks with cordiality; but as a painter he is anxious, feverish and completely animated by a feeling of research, audacity and renewal; at the same time dynamic, passionate and yet thoughtful, Claude Troxler is worthy of representing the adventurer in painting. Set on ideas that he meditates and develops [...], there he makes sparkling even the tragedy so much he remains faithful to his rhythmical shapes, to his harmony of transparencies, colours of enamels posed with fluidity. His duality shows up in the choice of his colours with a natural simplicity, thanks to his disturbing figurative style, made of movement, of light and of enough audacity and singularity, and where the
apparent torture of the creator is metamorphosed in poetry of gesture and of life.

André RUELLAN,art critic

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